Sweet Dreams - A Practical Guide To Optimizing The Conditions For Good Sleep

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Sleep! Such an essential pillar of healthy living! Along with diet and exercise, it’s simply impossible to get by without it!

For years I struggled with poor sleep quality, and was even diagnosed with a clinical sleep disorder at one point.

I still have sleep issues from time to time, but it’s gotten a lot better! Why? Because over the years I’ve paid attention to every little detail affecting my sleep quality, and thus refined good sleep down to a science!

I’ve seen huge changes from focusing on things like optimal nutrition, sleeping position, temperature management and strategic light exposure.

In this eBook I talk about these aspects in depth, as well as plenty of others, in an effort to leave you with a toolkit that you can use when trying to optimize your sleep quality!

Benefits of Good Sleep: 

• Health and vitality

• Rapid recovery from physical activity

• Improved athletic performance 

• Superb mental performance

• Productivity at work and life in general

• Better relationships 

• Positive mood and outlook

• Maximum motivation for life

• Lots of energy to work and play

…and so much more!

Isn’t sleep a waste of time?

A common misconception about sleep is that it’s a passive state where not much is going on. People think sleeping long (also known as enough) is just for the lazy. Nothing could be further from the truth!

Sleep is a highly productive state where all kinds of things are happening! It’s a regenerative state where the body replenishes fuels, recharges the nervous system, repairs damage and re-establishes balance in all the bodily systems.

Although most people are aware that sleep is necessary, very few seem to understand the vast benefits of actually sleeping enough. The highest performers in the world – whether that be in athletics, business or otherwise – all have something in common: They know the power of sleep.

Without sufficient sleep, you’re not going to be able to reach your potential in anything. Sleep allows you to tap into one of the strongest performance enhancers there is. It supercharges your motivation for life, makes you ultra productive and by keeping you healthy and sounds – it ensures your best possible mental and physical performance.

Sleep is for the lazy? Quite on the contrary – those who sleep poorly or not enough will be a lazy bunch of underperformers. Those who value sleep on the other hand, will excel at anything they do. The hours “lost” to sleep are gained back twofold, when productivity and zest for life is at its peak!

Topics Covered in The Book:

• The science of sleep

• The circadian rhythm

• The effects of exercise on sleep

• Sunshine and sleep

• Nutritional factors for optimal sleep

• The importance of calorie sufficiency

• Eating late at night

• The bedroom environment

• The bed itself

• Optimal temperature for sleep

• The effects of daylight on sleep

• Summer and winter strategies

• Insomnia

• How much to sleep

• Sleeping alone vs together

• The effects of screens and social media

• Optimizing your evening routine

• Pre bed rituals

• Urination during the night

• Morning routines

…and much more! 

The Power of Light

One of the most important elements of quality sleep, is light. Sunlight helps regulate our day/night cycle and prime us for a good night’s sleep. And when the time comes to go to bed, darkness – which is a lack of light – becomes very important.

The delicate balance between these two opposites – light and dark – becomes a major factor in how well we sleep at night.

Coming from Norway, where the summer days are long and bright while the winter days are short and dim, I know firsthand how devastating either one of these scenarios can be on our sleep health.

Over the years I’ve developed strategies for dealing with these conditions. It’s all about consciously exposing yourself to light – of differing types and intensities – at the right time of day.

Things like blackout blinds and special light bulbs can prove invaluable when trying to mimic our natural environment as tropical primates.

In this book, I share those strategies with you and hope that you can use them to your advantage, wherever you are! Sleep tight! Sweet dreams 😊

Are you ready to take your sleep to the next level?

54 Pages Packed Full of Tips & Tricks!

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Sweet Dreams - A Practical Guide To Optimizing The Conditions For Good Sleep

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